The Editor | Kestell Duxbury
Kestell studied Politics at NTU & at the University of Sheffield. He is Online Editor for Alain Charles and has been published in the Guardian and the Observer, and founded The    Priori in 2015.




Baris Celik
Baris’ main interest area is EU politics, especially the EU’s relationship with the Middle East & Turkey. He holds an MA in European Politics.


jack layton


Jack Layton
Jack is currently studying Urban Geography at UCL. He is interested in all things urban and witters away @mrlaytonj and




Grant Fage
Grant studied Economics at the University of Sheffield & the University of Nottingham and currently works as an economist for a global bank.



Yu Hsuan

Yu Hsuan studied International Relations at ISTI (Brussels) and at the University of Sheffield. She writes mainly about Asian politics.




Kieran Shaw-Flach

Kieran studied Biological Science at the University of Exeter. His interests include the environment and marine welfare.



Max Schwind
Max holds degrees in Politics, History and International Relations. His background includes a UN internship and refugee relief work.


hari raithatha.jpg


Hari Raithatha
Hari studied Politics at Nottingham Trent and in Lille, and Law at the University of Sheffield. He is currently studying Legal Practice in London.




Joel Rafferty
Joel studied Politics at Oglethorpe University before moving to Georgia State University, where he now works as a researcher.




Wint Jan
Wint Jan studied Culture and Communication in South Korea and International Relations in Sheffield. He writes mainly on the politics of South Korea.




Arturo Mendoza
Arturo (@a_mendozam) has degrees from the University of Sheffield and ITAM. His interests lie in politics & the nature of political corruption.




Angela Muñoz Aroca
Angela studied Journalism and Communication in Madrid and Sheffield. She writes online about culture and international and domestic politics.


ben walters


Ben Walters
Ben studied Architecture at Nottingham Trent before switching to Politics. He studied in Lille as part of the Erasmus exchange and lives in Nottingham.